Sunday, June 21, 2009


Yes, yes. I know, man came 65 million years later than the last dinosaurs to roam the earth. 
Not in James Gurney's world. 
Tobias and Highland, some Dinotopia characters I made up a while ago. I still remember sitting in my elementary school library and pouring over the Dinotopia books over and over again. Because who doesn't want a dinosaur buddy and a fascinating world to explore with him? I know I do. 


Aaron Ludwig said...

Love the texture on the dinosaur.

The Spradlin Family said...

Dude! That dinosaur is AMAZING!!!!! I don't even know what to type becuase all your drawing shock me. You are the most talented artis I have ever seen. EVER!

Jess Fisher said...

it's a bit smeary with the textures, but I like the dinosaur design

Joe Cressssss said...

Way to keep up with the art through the summer!

Joel Deehr said...

Claire no one draws animals like you. Your humans are stellar as well.

Dam Ferreira said...

Wonderful blog!!
I love it