Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Catching up on sketching

Here is some character exploration sketches for Lucy, one of the characters from a short film being produced here at BYU. The title is Bothered and is being directed by Christina Skyles. We're currently working on character designing. I'll be animating on the film, so I wanted to play with the current design for Lucy and try to get some acting sketches down. 
I needed to choose a cool art style for my course at work, so I experimented with this piece. Heavily influenced by Kako's work.
Here is my final for digital painting. It's where the Wolf Mafia spends their time.

My final for Drawing for Animation. We had to take an already existing character and render it realistically, for 10-14 year old boys, and for 4-7 year old girls. I chose Capn' Crunch with Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam. 

Someitmes it's nice to be able to just draw away from school assignments. I sketched a lot during the break for fun. Recently I started a 30 day sketch challenge:  
Day 1- Yourself
Day 2- Your Favorite Animal. My favorite animals are wolves, orcas, and Philippine Eagles. I combined them all into one ultimate favorite animal. 
I plan on continuing the challenge, though they may not be as consecutive as I would like with school back in session! The next day is favorite food, so that should be a fun one. 

Sometimes I just get an itch to draw dogs. 
Well okay, more like all the time.

Last semester, my friend Kiersten started a sketch group for a bunch of us students. It's been a lot of fun so far! We have a new theme every day. I did this one for the day that had the theme of "Lackadaisy cats in the style of Mary Blair":

(on a side note, if you haven't read the webcomic Lackadaisy, then you should be. I'll kindly direct you there right now)

Another sketch theme, this one was "Humanoid Pokemon". I turned Ninetails into a woman who loves fur. Ninetail's fur...

These are just some tiger gestures from watching the cats play across Youtube.

That's it for now!