Friday, October 26, 2012

More school work and fun stuff

Here's an update on schoolwork. Character design class has been a blast lately, as we've been animating gifs of our heroes and villains designs! 
Shape drawing: 
Digital painting is quickly becoming one of my favorite classes. Here's the eye of my wolf character as a quick detail practice:

And the midterm: 

Drawing for animation is such a fun class as well. Here we had to draw imaginary friends: 

Emulate Charlie Harper: 

And design a vinyl toy to the theme of "dangerously cute". This was my first attempt: 
Cute, sporty even. But not too dangerous.
And my final: 

Taking all of these art classes has given me back my motivation to draw. Here are some things I did in my spare time. 

Inspired by Craig Thompson's Le Carnet de Voyage, I decided to comic form my own experiences in life. It's more fun than writing in blank pages, anyway:

More gifs:

‘Nuther gif to end the night.