Wednesday, June 25, 2008

College life, Sketchdump, Wall E

School started Monday, and I started my college career with Figure Drawing and English. Figure drawing is fun just because I get to spend three consecutive hours drawing, which is not only refreshing but entertaining as well, and a nice break from the harsh homework schedule of English. Not that art escapes me in that class either. My old high school habit of doodling and drawing all over my notes is starting to creep back into my hand, and my notes are a mess. Funny story: I was writing my notes with a red pen and every time I set it down on my desk, it would roll to reveal that it was in fact a U of U pen. What are the odds? I'm glad I didn't get jumped by a die-hard cougar fan. But it's weird walking on the campus as an actual student and not a high school intern. I'm still animating, but I wish I were able to jump right into the program and start learning all I can so I can start to become a better artist. Anywho, I've sketched a bit to see if this is possibly coming true, as I hope to be able to add to the amazing artists in the animation program this fall.


Also, I saw Wall E and it was fabulous. More than that. It had some of the most gorgeous character animation I've seen since the classic Disney movies. The story was brilliant and I even cried at some of the scenes. I've found a new Pixar favorite. And the score by Thomas Newman is retro and beautiful simultaneously, which is an interesting combination that he pulled off brilliantly. 

I highly recommend going to see it!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Disneyland RESCUERS

This is for my nieces, Sam and Jess, who always keep my childhood heart alive. I love you guys!
We are the Disneyland Rescuers, who save the Disney characters from the dark Maleficent and keep the park safe from evil! 

50th anniversary Castle image is © Disney
Disneyland Rescuers © my nieces and I 

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back from the Trek and KUNG FU

I got back from the farthest reaches and coldest corners of Wyoming yesterday. Despite the weather, the Trek was an incredible experience and I'm glad I had the opportunity to join my ward on a strong spiritual experience for the last time. It's weird being graduated, as I may never see the people that I've grown really close to again.  I'm going to miss all the kids in my ward that I've known since elementary school. Growing up is tough stuff. 
I did have a sketch adventure (as Anthony would call it) while on the trek. Armed with my trusty Moleskin sketchbook, several pens, and a Prismacolor marker, I tried to keep a record of what I did. Unfortunately, I didn't draw as much as I would've liked, as the weather was rainy and windy enough to rip my sketches from my hands. But I will post what I did draw. 

My mind was on Kung Fu Panda that whole bus ride up, as I knew I would be missing it when it premiered the next day. So I drew up my own panda for fun.

Observational sketching was great on the bus ride up, because nobody really paid any attention to me sketching them. The bus ride back was so entertaining, as the younger kids and I sketched and hung out the entire way back.
This was my favorite sketch I did. It's my friend and her dad, who had been riding on the bus together because she'd become sick. They napped together sharing a pillow and I thought it was so sweet. Sorry for the vertical layout, I couldn't upload it horizontal as it is originally sketched!

I drew this as we all huddled together in the pavilion, trying to escape a sudden fierce windstorm that had hit us. 

We got back at about nine yesterday, and a bunch of us went and saw Kung Fu Panda immediately after that (and after a nice shower from the 3 days of no bathing whatsoever. Nasty!) That movie was BRILLIANT! I loved it, especially the 2D animated opening sequence. The story was really good, and the characters were my favorite part. They were really well designed, and I'm very impressed with Nicolas Marlet's artwork on the characters. I was laughing hard at Po and loving him more with every second, and even became teary-eyed at parts. It was one of the best animated films I've seen in a long time, and I had a fun time just watching it, which is what makes me love a movie. 
EDIT: Sorry, guys. The pictures are really small. This is due to the fact that I don't know how to work Blogger as well as I would like!