Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Disneyland RESCUERS

This is for my nieces, Sam and Jess, who always keep my childhood heart alive. I love you guys!
We are the Disneyland Rescuers, who save the Disney characters from the dark Maleficent and keep the park safe from evil! 

50th anniversary Castle image is © Disney
Disneyland Rescuers © my nieces and I 


The Spradlin Family said...

Dear Claire,
We love being Disneyland Rescuers! We love to rescue the park of Disney and we love you. Love Sam. Dear Claire,
We fart I mean fight eeeeevilll. Can we play Disneyland Rescuers when we go to your house? I love, love,love,love the picture. Love Jess to Claire.
Awesome Picture you are so talented. Thanks for drawing the girls and for being a wonderful Aunt Claire. Love Kevin

The Spradlin Family said...

Thank you so much for drawing a picture of you with the girls, you are one of their best friends and I appreciate all you do with them and you example to them. They really look up to you and love hanging out with you. I am amazed more and more everyday of your talent. I love you and am glad you are my sister. Love Carli

Hilary & Morgan said...

hahahah that lion haricut is pure magic. great job on the pictures!!!! call me asap so we can discuss the whole china thing. i'm serious when i say we are going.

Jake said...

I want your hair cut in the shape of a lion, too.

Nice work, Claire.

duke said...

hello im sean duke's son and samantha and jessica are my cousins that looks just like them! (in cartoon form ) you can visit my blog which has some of my art and claymations

Todd and Andrea said...

are you kidding me???? your talent is INCREDIBLE. will you draw me and hil and morgs?

and what do you mean you want your hair cut in the shape of a lion. really? you have THE BEST HAIR EVER!

The Spradlin Family said...

Claire...I just saw the lion haircut link. What the &^%$ is that all about???? That is the crazest thing I have ever seen. Thanks for introducting me to the world of animal haircuts. I'm thinking the deer for me (I'll wear it hunting with Kevin).

Mrs. Eliza said...

So cute!!! You're amazing.