Sunday, May 17, 2009

Updates, really?

I figured I should probably update this after almost two months of not putting anything up here. 
So here are some sketches and other such art. 

I draw wolves in church. 

Once in a while, the wolf will dress in asian attire. Dinosaurs are there as well. 
Basketball game gestures. 
We've had a lot of birds hit our windows this spring. As sad as it is, it makes for a great drawing opportunity. This little guy was a Black Capped Chickadee. There was a large woodpecker, but the chickadee was less decayed so I decided to keep this blog PG and drew him instead. 

Gina, Stephanie, TJ and I headed up to the Zoo last weekend for a sketch adventure. 

The zoo is always trying to come up with new and exciting ways to get people to visit. This time around, they had giant owls riding wolves. 
No, that giraffe is not from the Bean and it was in fact a living animal. 

After that trip, I realized I had zero knowledge of big cat anatomy. So I studied big cats for several hours and then sketched this guy out.
My little niece! 
That's it for now!