Sunday, May 17, 2009

Updates, really?

I figured I should probably update this after almost two months of not putting anything up here. 
So here are some sketches and other such art. 

I draw wolves in church. 

Once in a while, the wolf will dress in asian attire. Dinosaurs are there as well. 
Basketball game gestures. 
We've had a lot of birds hit our windows this spring. As sad as it is, it makes for a great drawing opportunity. This little guy was a Black Capped Chickadee. There was a large woodpecker, but the chickadee was less decayed so I decided to keep this blog PG and drew him instead. 

Gina, Stephanie, TJ and I headed up to the Zoo last weekend for a sketch adventure. 

The zoo is always trying to come up with new and exciting ways to get people to visit. This time around, they had giant owls riding wolves. 
No, that giraffe is not from the Bean and it was in fact a living animal. 

After that trip, I realized I had zero knowledge of big cat anatomy. So I studied big cats for several hours and then sketched this guy out.
My little niece! 
That's it for now!


Matt said...

Holy Crap Claire! Thats my Daughter! I submit that she is every bit as cute in real life as in that sketch, Well done.

Eliza said...

That bird one makes me so sad!

But the one of Layla (Umm sorry I don't know how to spell that. I'm a terrible Godmother. Yes, Matt I am Godmother even though you or Cirina didn't give me permission and neither you nor I are Catholic.)

Eliza said...

oh sorry I didn't finish.

The one of Laila is so cute and she is even cuter in real life!

Chelsea Stebar said...

Wow, these are so excellent, Miss Gordon! Way to be awesome and go on sketch adventures and gesture draw at basketball games. I wish I could have gone with you to the zoo to see the magical wolf-riding giant owls.

Jake Wyatt said...

Your dead bird is keenly observed. Good show.

Anthony Holden said...

Nice zoo sketches, Claire! I love the elephant

Aaron Ludwig said...

Yeah, good stuff. Funny, too!

Tyson Murphy said...

you are quite good at life. and drawing. you win.

duke said...

i think i like the wolf on top the best

and im gonna be updating my blog more now this summer...i realize that they are cooler than deviant art

duke said...

oh and lol at the "idraw wolves at church" (me too)

Joel Deehr said...

claire thanks for being so great at drawing.

Cody said...

these are awesome the wolf at the top is sweet you are the bomb at animals! and the bird is really sad!


Joel Deehr said...

you know what i just realized? you have sketches from a basketball game, but not a soccer game!! i am so dissapointed. haha

Paul Petty said...

I like the chickadee a lot. Wow.