Friday, February 8, 2008

"Sketchy Magic" Concepts

Concepts for the children's book I'm writing. I don't really have a title for it yet, though I've stuck with "Sketchy Magic" for a lot of the works I've been doing. 
These are pages from Lorna's sketchbooks and her documentations of the world of Alraya. The bird is Faolan after he's transformed. Originally a headstrong elf, he had to transform temporarily to save both of their necks from a couple of baddies. 
The other sketchbook excerpt is Lorna's take on entering the elf city of Arendii. The creature there is a mixture between a stag, bighorn sheep, and a lion and they're the steeds for the elves living in and around the city and its neighboring forest. There's also an elf sentry on that page and Lorna in a dress that she wore throughout the city. 
Both were drawn with a pencil then water colored. More to come later.


Anthony Holden said...

These are really fun, Claire! I love the bird design. You might consider changing up some of the shapes in the bottom amalgam character. He's supposed to be part lion, right? Inflate that chest and push it out some! Wonderful art, as always.

Clairictures said...

Great! I'll change his design, thank-you for the critique!

Jake said...

Y'know what? Your watercolors look pretty good. Seriously. That sheep-lion's face looks pretty canine. I'd check out some cat (or sheep) reference and play with it some more.

Overall, it's nice. I really like the concept that her sketchbook is our window on that world. You got a good head on you.

Clairictures said...

Thanks for the critique, Jake! I think that I'm going to do a re-design on the steed, so we'll see how that goes.

Hilary & Morgan said...

claire bear! we love you. you are doing great with your work!

Cori & Jeff said...

Claire, I want to come and play Super Smash Borthers. I am officialy addicted to that game.