Thursday, July 4, 2013

Catching Up

I'm pretty convinced that I am the worst Blogger updater ever.
But there is always time for change, right?
That time is now.
These are from a monthly focus I did a little while ago on big cats:

Most of my warm-ups nowadays consist of continuing the Pokemonathon over on Tumblr:

151 is a lot to go through, but it's been fun drawing them so far.
Here are a few of some recent commissions that I've done: 

A girl commissioned me to draw some of her critters for a post-apocalyptic/evolution-gone-wrong story she has. This guy was one of them. 
My friend Ashley also commissioned me to draw Quetzalcoatl for her. I love him, so this was so fun to draw!
These are just some recent sketches and things that I've done in-between portfolio work, commissions, and school work.

Some more Pokemon things that I've done with friends. There is this website floating around called Pokemon Fusion and you can get some crazy fun Pokemon combos to draw. My friends Kendall and Danielle challenged me to a draw battle, these are the results of my combos:

And then a Mew, for good measure. 

I discovered Motorcity. 

More Post because I missed drawing him. And he looks like he would hang out in the same world as  Lindsey's character Timothy.

Reality Not Included Volume 2 is coming out soon! I'm working on a comic for it featuring these two guys. We have an Indie-Go-Go going on right now, please support us! There is going to be a ton of great art and comics in this issue. Check it out!

Some shoes I painted for my friend Carson. 

A quick self-portrait speed paint for a warm-up.

A character of mine for a story that I've been developing. 
Sketchbook things coming soon!


Josh Cotton said...

Wow, very cool stuff! I like the big cats, and the lighting on that last painting!

Stephen Anderson said...

I'm with Josh! Fabulous work! I also am a crazy fan of the last painting. SUPER awesome work!

Stephanie Marshall said...

cool stuff Claire! I'm so in love with that color palette (and drawing) on Quetzalcoatl.

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