Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Film Work

This semester is proving to be super busy. I'm working on two films that are in production right now at BYU, one of which is a 2D film. 
These are some emotions for one of the characters. I wanted to see how far I could push her facial expressions and reactions without breaking her character. 

Here are some more emotions and gestures for her. 

Here are some gestures/expressions for another film in production here at BYU.
In between animating at school, i'm doing a 30 day art challenge. Here are some of those drawings: 

Least Favorite Animal

Favorite Book

Favorite Pokemon

This was testing out the new Frenden brushes I recently purchased. I highly recommend them, they're amazing. 

More to come!


Kendall Hale said...

Sweet gif!

Stephanie Marshall said...

Super cooooooool gif! You have done well.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Awesome stuff Claire. Good luck on those films!