Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finals, finals, finals

Here's my character design final. 

My Animation final is coming up! I didn't have time to finish it to the degree that I wanted, so it will be up for your viewing pleasure after the holiday break. 
Here's the first assignment I worked on for that class. 

It still needs a lot of work, but this was a huge stepping stone for me and I learned a lot.
As a side note, if you haven't seen Disney's The Princess and the Frog yet, go see it. 


Chelsea Stebar said...

Epic, Claire. I really am blown away by how far you've come in just one semester. These characters are awesome and the animation is awesome.

lawlawl Laurent is like unto Dr. Facilier. I dig.

The Spradlin Family said...

Yay! You're done! They turned out great. I am constantly amazed at your talent. Now it's time to finally finish Assassin's Creed!

Jocelyn said...

Claire you've done such a good job! My favorite is witch girl. She's pretty awesome in the face.

Jake Wyatt said...

It's a fun treatment you put on those, man!