Saturday, September 26, 2009

Character Design

Hello all, 
Just a quickie post before life gets too hectic. 
I'm taking Ryan's Character Design class this semester, and it has been awesome. 
First up are the silhouettes from last week. The themes were witches, spacemen (or women, in my case), female construction workers, and butlers.  

The first assignment was to design a hillbilly and a maid.

The next was to design something out of a shape. The first was from a shape generator, the second I designed from a shape I just scribbled out. 
Next we were to design a person or beastie out of trees, rocks, or clouds. 

I've also got a ton of sketchbook pages piling up, so stay tuned. 


Duke said...

second page down bottom right is my favorite silloette ☺

Aaron Ludwig said...

The silhouettes look awesome! That bottom beasty is scary. The end.

Joe Cressssss said...

These silhouttes are great!

Guto Respi said...

great! great!

Chelsea Stebar said...

I think we both need to draw our nature beasts having an epic showdown of ultimate destiny.

Duke said...

also you should look at my newest

Sergio Alvarez said...

Very good illustrations, an embrace

Rachel said...

Shape generator, eh? Is there any way that you could direct me to what you guys used? Sounds like it'd be a great thing to play around with.