Tuesday, July 15, 2008

'Sketchin at the Zoo and Goodbye for now, Uncle Cal

First off, here's a bit from the Park City visit last weekend: 

I really need to get me some watercolors so my pictures can actually have depth to them. 
I went to the zoo today with the fam. It was so much fun to go up there and just spend time with family while sketching the animals. Those suckers are hard to draw when they move around all the time. Well, I guess I have a lot more sketching to do before I will be able to draw the way I'd like to draw. 

Elephants. These were surprisingly some of my favorites from today. They're colored with grey Prismacolor, but the scanner killed it. Sorry!

The Rhino. Am I getting this gesture concept down? 

The Peccary. Most of the animals were sleeping or in the process of falling asleep. That's okay because it's easier to draw them that way. 

Zebra gestures. Though the bottom one looks like a gorilla. What was I drawing there? I can't remember. 

Giraffe, Leopard, Tiger. 

My favorite one of the day. Giraffe's are amazingly fun to draw. 

This Arabian Wildcat looked exactly like my cat, Sealie. Just a wee bit bigger. 

It's a happy camel! 

I'd also like to take a moment and say how much I love my Uncle Cal. He was a huge hero in my life and I'm going to miss him so much. But I know he's still with our family and will be watching over us. I can't wait to see you again, Cal! I miss you and I love you. 


duke said...

i like the bird picture at the top what kind of bird is that do you think?

Clairictures said...

Hey Duke!
I believe it was a Magpie.
Thanks for the comment!

rabidmilkman said...

The giraffe simply rocks. Beautiful work. (And I believe that's the finest drawing of a Peccary I've ever seen!) Good stuff.