Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Artist's Block

I feel like I haven't had much inspiration for drawing lately. It seems like I keep drawing the same thing over and over again, and I hate that because I know that's not improving at drawing over all but improving at drawing one thing and one thing only. I've been sketching a lot, but I haven't done a final illustration for about a month now and I'm getting rather bored. It would seem as if  I have slipped into another block and it's slowing down my art. What do all of you do if you get into an artist's block, any suggestions? Or what do you do when you need inspiration? What do I need to do with my art to take it to the next level? 
Here's another sketchdump from this last little while.


The Spradlin Family said...

That is an artist's block? My artist block would be whether or not to make the line on my stick figure straight or slanted. You are an amazing artist!

Mrs. Eliza said...

I don't think this would help you with your artist block, but could I pay you to draw a cartoon of me.

So, I'm a little vain and really think it'd be cool to have a cartoon version of me. I've been thinking of this ever since I saw Ever After and how the cartoons look just like the actors.

I'd probably put the picture on my blog or frame it and hang it in my living room. (I already told you, I'm vain. :) )

Would you be willing to do it and how much would such a picture cost?

Anthony Holden said...

Claire, let's go sketchbooking some place fun. I think we're trying to get a group together for the zoo on Saturday (any Saturday). Sketching real life happening always leads to more ideas!

Cori & Jeff said...

Claire...you are like that really long, awkward pause in art films.

Jake said...

READ COMICS!!! Whenever I get stuck, I stroll on down to a bookstore or a comic shop and look at all the artists who are better than me. This has a mixed effect on me, as I inwardly swear a blood-oath to defeat these artists or take their lives in single, unarmed combat, but it usually gets me drawing furiously again.